Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life...

Back in the New Year, I made a resolution that I would make something for myself in every month of 2015, and this is my make for March. It's the Comino cap dress by Kitchsy Coo. The dress is a first in many respects as it's my first pdf pattern, the first time I've used my overlocker to make anything (apart from finishing seams) and the first time I've attached a neckband using the overlocker...
I chose a rather bright orange, flowery cotton jersey fabric (that I'd originally bought from Laura Ashley several years ago) from my stash and although it's a little on the bright side, I think it's worked quite well :-)
I was very pleased with the way the dress made up and I shall be making more!! 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A New Swirly Skirt

Valentine's Day came and went without any flowers, cards or chocolates so I decided to cheer myself up on Sunday morning and make myself a skirt. I usually wear straight, fitted, short skirts but with the vintage revival currently in full swing, so to speak, I decided on a swirly skirt for a change. Luckily I'd already ordered a couple of patterns, and had cut out the pattern from the fabric, so all I had to do was stitch. I timed myself this time too, just to see how long it took ;-)

It didn't take long at all, just four hours from sitting down at the machine to completion, and that included stitching the side seam twice and putting the zip in twice! lol When I tried the skirt on it was too big round the waist, so I had to take the zip out again and take the seam in by two inches. It's still a little on the big side round the waist, but I'm aiming to lose a bit of tummy podge in the next few months, so hopefully I'll be able to nip in the other side of the skirt when I've lost a bit lol

Thursday, February 12, 2015

there's life in to the old blog yet....

Hello again!! I've been away for a few years but would really like to get my blog up and running again....let's see if this works!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

What Happened to My Blog?

Well like many bloggers these days I moved. I moved to Facebook. You may, of course, pop over and see what I'm doing over there, but I'm my home is open to visiting on a friends-only only basis.

I may well update my blog in the next few months but... it's quite unlikely. I like the small, cosy world of Facebook where I can exchange virtual gifts with mates and play games of Bejewelled Blitz and Farkle and where I can share information and photographs without having to be casreful that the whole world is watching.

I'm here: Deb's Facebook Page
so come and see me when you're over there!

Debs xxx

Friday, September 18, 2009

When Top Down Hits, It Hits Bad

Once upon a time, I made all my sweaters in pieces, casting on at the bottom rib and knitting to the neck, then sewing all the pieces together to produce a final garment. The only problem with this method is that I absolutely detest sewing up and many of my completed projects sit waiting to be sewn up for weeks, even months, before I actually get round to doing it.

I had read about knitting in one piece from the bottom up, but the thought of all those stitches on the needles ~ and horrible twisty, metal circular needles at that ~ made me shiver. I steered well clear.

But I spotted the February Lady Sweater that was very popular with internet-connected knitters last year and I knew I had to try it. But it was knitted top down, starting at the neck. I knew I had to take the plunge and after a few weeks I had finished this:


Best of all? No sewing up!

My interest had been piqued. Over Easter I was drawn to cast on for my very own Liesl that I knitted in about ten days, from the top down, and again, no sewing involved at all in piecing it together. Okay, there were ends to sew in, but that's by the by:


And then I happened upon the Chevron Lace cardigan that was *gasp!* crocheted from the top down. I couldn't resist such a challenge and I produced this little number:


Not only top down but my first ever crochet garment.

And I have been besotted with top down knitting ever since. I've been trawling the net for top down patterns, I've been trawling Amazon for books with top down patterns, I've joined a top down Knitalong and I'm totally in love with top down!!

My current project, in case you're wondering, is a raglan cardigan with short sleeves that I'm knitting in an acrylic mix aran yarn. And yes - it's top down!

Friday, September 04, 2009


I shall be back for a more complete update in a few weeks.....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crochet Excitement!

I completd my first ever crochet garment whilst I was on holiday recently and have definitely caught the crochet bug... but the patterns I've found so far online have been less than appealing to say the least :(

Until yesterday evening.

I'd already found Interweave Crochet magazine at Get Knitted and planned on buying a couple of back issues; Pictish had also recommended the mag, so that was my plan. Then I realised that I could buy individual patterns from the magazine via the Interweave website. Result!

Here's the garment that started my mad-crochet-pattern-search, it's the Chevron Lace cardigan. Worked in one piece from the top down in a lovely chevron lace pattern (hence the name I guess!) and a very economical project as it only used 2.5 balls of Patons 100% Cotton DK :

I should try the Big Bow cardigan (but without the bow) as apparently it's fairly straightforward, but I quite fancy trying my hand at the Butterscotch cardigan as it's my kind of thing. Will it be too difficult for a novice crocheter? Time will tell!