Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh Yes, We Have No Piccies

I seem to have a distinct lack of piccies on my blog don't I?? Off to rectify immediately.....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Got a New Phone!

Just as well really because my old one has a habit of switching itself off, switching itself back on again and randomly dialling numbers from my phone book.... and can be somewhat embarrassing at times! There have been occasions when friends have phoned and asked what I wanted as I've left a message on their voicemail - completely unintententionally - and the message has usually been a lot of crackling, rustling and laughter as my phone has been merrily dialling away numbers on the phonelist whilst tucked away in my bag.

I literally walked into the Carphone Warehouse and announced I needed a new phone. I had just come out of Starbucks after having lunch with a friend and decided that I should buy a phone. I like spontaneous shopping and hate a planned purchase, so I must have been the easiest sale of the day yesterday. The chappie behind the counter was amused that I was so easily pleased; but then he hasn't had to contend with my crappy phone for months has he?

So if I send you a message over the weekend it will be because I'm so deliriously happy with my new Nokia. If I send a completely inaudible, crackly, rustling voicemail mesage, it's not me, it's my old phone dialling you at random. Right?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Socks

Yay!! A new pair of socks for Melody!


A pair of plain vanilla, 60stitch, UK size 3, stocking stitch socks in Regia Cotton Surf colour, shade 5414. Knitted with Knitpicks wooden DPNs (the brightly painted ones). They were quite tricky to use on the cotton yarn which sort of stuck to the needles as it was knitted so they weren't my most favourite pair to knit.

Another pair done!