Saturday, March 31, 2007

Two Finished Items!

Two WIPs finished this week! A mohair jacket cardigan that I sewed the buttons onto, and a textured cardigan for my friend’s new baby boy:

Progress indeed!

Next on the list to finish off completely is a cerise jacket that I completed months ago but it needs to be sewn together. Only a bit to do and I can wear it.

I’m off for the next two weeks on Easter break, so we should see some progress on WIPs.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

I hadn't blogged for such a long time that I forgot my password and username!! Oh dear!!

Well things have been happening at Chez Melody that I can't share in Blogland just yet, but will soon.

A couple of WIPs down, but more added! I finished the textured cardigan for my friend's new baby and I just have to sew it all together. I also bought the newborn a couple of little T shirts as I couldn't see me getting any more cardigans knitted for him this side of Easter. They are sweet though.

I started a new pair of socks in addition to the Kim socks for the Sockamonth challenge, as Dan wanted a pair of socks too. He chose BROWN, which is a little unusual for a small child, but he knows his own mind I suppose.

I also started the tank top from the Twilleys Freedom Spirit booklet, but noticed that I was supposed to decrease on the rib if I was knitting the longer version so it had to hit the frog pond I'm afraid. Never mind, it's another WIP down isn't it? LOL! And the Valentine sweater only has a few rows to be done at the top of the sleeve and that's finished too! Hurrah!!

I feel particularly guilty about letting my links in my sidebar fall by the wayside, and know that I should have links to important people's blogs. I hope to get around to it over the Easter hols, so please bear with me on that *wink*