Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A New Swirly Skirt

Valentine's Day came and went without any flowers, cards or chocolates so I decided to cheer myself up on Sunday morning and make myself a skirt. I usually wear straight, fitted, short skirts but with the vintage revival currently in full swing, so to speak, I decided on a swirly skirt for a change. Luckily I'd already ordered a couple of patterns, and had cut out the pattern from the fabric, so all I had to do was stitch. I timed myself this time too, just to see how long it took ;-)

It didn't take long at all, just four hours from sitting down at the machine to completion, and that included stitching the side seam twice and putting the zip in twice! lol When I tried the skirt on it was too big round the waist, so I had to take the zip out again and take the seam in by two inches. It's still a little on the big side round the waist, but I'm aiming to lose a bit of tummy podge in the next few months, so hopefully I'll be able to nip in the other side of the skirt when I've lost a bit lol

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